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  • Nikki Imes, CPM


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  • Rebecca Schulz, CPM

    (918) 513-1100 Rebecca Schulz is a CPM located in Sand Springs, OK with an office in South Tulsa. She has had three homebirths herself and is still in the midst of raising her own young children, so she’s able to empathize well with her clients. She also stays up-to-date on topics like babywearing, cloth […]

  • Ri Teref-Ta, CNM (RN/ADN, BA, MSN)

    Netri (Ri) Teref-Ta APRN-CNM, CNHP, Naturopath Ri is an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse/Certified Nurse Midwife (since 2003), Certified Natural Health Practitioner and a Naturopath with over 25 years in OB/GYN health care. She has worked in the hospital (L&D, postpartum, GYN surgery, Newborn ICU-12 yrs), birth center and home birth (8 yrs) and outpatient gynecological […]

  • Yvonne Silbernagel, CPM

    A Mother’s Love Midwifery Yvonne Silbernagel, CPM, MBC Yvonne Silbernagel is a Homebirth Midwife currently working in a small practice in order to give individualized care to her clients.  She has been working as a midwife since 2009. She is an active member of the Oklahoma Midwives Alliance as a Senior Midwife. She is a […]

  • Gail Brown, CPM, ND

    Gail Brown, ND, CPM is a direct entry, non-allopathic healer who began her interest in midwifery in 1983. Her children were born in the hospital. Her experience was less than satisfying as she was very naïve and the managed births were complicated. Those unfortunate experiences, however sad for her, makes her more determined to prepare […]

  • Michelle Hernandez, CPM

    Michelle Hernandez, CPM is a Certified Professional Midwife. CPM’s are trained to attend low to no risk mothers who are expected to have a normal pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum period. Michelle became interested in midwifery after the birth of her daughter in 1986. She served as labor support (what would now be called a Doula) […]

  • Michelle Lacy, APRN-CNM – “Charlee”

    Labor of Love Midwifery Michelle R. Lacy, APRN-CNM ” Charlee” (Michelle R. Lacy, APRN-CNM) is a Certified Nurse Midwife. She offers midwifery care from her offices in Edmond, Oklahoma. Charlee believes a woman’s body is created to birth as a normal part of life, and babies can be birthed naturally and prayerfully in the comfort […]

  • Dawn Karlin, CPM

    “I began my journey into birth work after the birth of my twin boys. I really wanted a midwife for that pregnancy but I had a history of fast labor and the closest midwives to me were over an hour away. So I had a natural hospital birth and while the birth itself went well, the labor […]