Gail Brown, ND, CPM

Gail Brown, ND, CPM is a direct entry, non-allopathic healer who began her interest in midwifery in 1983. Her children were born in the hospital. Her experience was less than satisfying as she was very naïve and the managed births were complicated. Those unfortunate experiences, however sad for her, makes her more determined to prepare and provide good counsel for other mothers. In 1984 Gail completed a midwifery apprenticeship in Arkansas, and the Association of Texas Certification program. Gail was a co-founder of the Oklahoma Midwives Alliance in 1985 and served as President for 3 terms. She is a Senior Certified Midwife with the OMA. In 1996 she merited the National Certification of Certified Professional Midwife. In 1998 she completed the Naturopath Certificate with the Trinity School of Natural Health. Gail believes that Birth is a natural life occurrence and that women can birth their babies. She sees her role as a caregiver to the woman, to guard and educate, focusing on providing sound advice and good nutrition as the road to a safe birth and healthy baby. Birth is the first step in the journey to map the distance between ourselves and parenting. It is the act of creating and living that bring memories and impressions that last a life time. Each family deserves the right to choose their birthplace and care giver. Midwifery and a Home Birth is a safe choice for low risk women. Midwife means “With Woman” and Gail loves being with you. Gail has recently been trained in Cranial Sacral Treatments. She is currently providing midwifery and Cranial Sacral services at Community Midwifery Services.