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    Alice Sirmons, CPM

    3008 E. Indianola St.
    Broken Arrow, OK 74014
    (918) 251-1467

    Gentle Hands Maternity Care
    Alice Sirmons, CPM
    Alice Sirmons is a CPM with NARM and a Senior Midwife with OMA Inc. She has been doing home births in Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas for over twenty nine years. She believes “God made women to have babies” and it has been her privilege to catch ten of her twelve grandchildren.


    3008 E. Indianola St.
    Broken Arrow, Oklahoma 74014


    Serving Tulsa and surrounding areas

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    Cathy Morton, CPM

    Serendipity Birth Services
    Cathy Morton, CPM
    Cathy is the owner of Serendipities Birth Services and serves the greater Stillwater area. She began practicing midwifery in 2013 after a three year apprenticeship with Faith Morie, CPM in Tulsa. Cathy provides her services in the home setting and she believes holistic care is fundamental to good pregnancy outcomes.  Her experience in childbirth not only include her doula and midwifery training; her personal birth stories have had a profound effect as well.  Each of her ten pregnancies gave her much knowledge and understanding for birth and the woman’s body. She strives to provide individualized care for every woman she is privileged to serve.



    Serving North and Northwest of Stillwater

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    Charlee Lacy, OMA Senior Midwife

    (405) 715-3926

    Charlee Lacy offers midwifery care from her office in Edmond, Oklahoma. She is currently a Certified Senior-Level Midwife with the OMA. She is active in obtaining continuing education and certification on a national level. Charlee believes that a woman’s body is created to birth, as a normal part of life, and that babies can be birthed naturally and prayerfully in the comfort of one’s home. She agrees that parents who are completely informed, and who participate in their pregnancies and births, have the best possible opportunity for a safe and joyful outcome. She works diligently to support and protect the normal birth process and is very grateful to have served women and families through the gift of midwifery since 1996. While she is pursuing her Masters of Nurse Midwifery, Charlee will not be accepting new clients.

    (405) 715-3926


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    Dawn Karlin, APRN-CNM

    Moments of Bliss Midwifery

    Dawn Karlin, CNM-APRN


    Dawn Karlin, is  a certified nurse midwife with more than 5 years experience as a midwife and has been the primary provider for over 600 births. She has worked closely with many families helping their birth preferences become reality.

    She began her journey into birth work after the birth of her 16 year old twin boys. She really wanted a midwife for that pregnancy but she had a history of fast labor and the closest midwives to her were over an hour away. So she had a natural hospital birth and while the birth itself went well, the labor experience and postpartum experience were colored by grumpy, overworked nurses that had no time for her, her family, her unmedicated birth or her desire for a natural experience. The journey matters, the experience leaves an impression for a lifetime and after that birth experience, she began to question “why aren’t there more choices in childbirth for women in Oklahoma?” which eventually led to “I can do that, I can be the change that I want to see, I can be an option for better choices in childbirth in Oklahoma, particularly in western Oklahoma.” So she left the teaching profession and went back to school, studied to be a registered nurse, worked in labor and delivery for ten years while life happened: more babies, more school and eventually she was a midwife. She chose to work in a hospital for the first three years of her midwifery career to gain experience and knowledge in the fast framework of hospital practice, but out of hospital birth is where her heart has always been. God opened doors, showed her the path and led the way to opening Moments of Bliss Midwifery Services.  Since then, she has settled into serving some of the sweetest ladies she has ever met for homebirth and birth center birth and she feels ever so blessed and full of gratitude that she was able to take the leap of faith that brought her here.

    She lives in Weatherford, Oklahoma which puts her about an hour and ten minutes from her Oklahoma City clinic location and seven minutes from her Weatherford clinic and birth center location. Dawn and her husband have nine children and one most adorable grandson. Oh and one spoiled rotten bulldog, Peaches.

    Her service area includes a 90 minute radius from her home in Weatherford which includes the greater Oklahoma City area, Edmond, Norman, Yukon, Midwest city, Lawton, Enid, Elk City, and all the places in between.

    contact info:

    birth center address: 519 W Main St, Weatherford, OK 73096
    OKC office: 11100 Stratford Dr, Suite A600, OKC, OK 73120

    phone: 405-306-4168

    website: momentsofblissmidwifery.com

    Facebook business page: facebook.com/pages/Moments-of-Bliss-Midwifery-Services/164185926939054

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    Debbie Disch, RN, CPM

    I’ve been a midwife since 1982 and a nurse since 1999.  I serve western Arkansas and eastern Oklahoma around the Fort Smith area.
    I love helping couples have a personal birth experience the way they desire.  I have 4 children all born with the help of midwives and 8 grandchildren 7 of which I have had the pleasure of helping birth.


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    Elizabeth Norwood, CPM

    Midwife Elizabeth

    Elizabeth Norwood, CPM
    Elizabeth is a Certified Professional Midwife serving Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and surrounding areas. She witnessed her first homebirth at the age of 12. This started a passion that has grown with every birth she has attended. Midwifery is her life’s work, her calling, and one of her greatest joys. Her clinical experience includes working in 2 states and with 15 different midwives. This has allowed her to experience birth in virtually all of its many forms. She has been attending births since 2007 and had a midwifery practice in Oklahoma since 2012. Elizabeth believes that birth is a normal physiological process, not an illness. She strives to combine timeless midwifery traditions with current evidenced-based practices for truly exceptional maternity care. The foundational principles of her practice are informed consent, parental education, and personal connection. She specializes in serving families expecting their first baby and those planning their first homebirth.




    Serving OKC, Tulsa and surrounding areas

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    Faith Morie, CPM

    Born to Be Loved Natural Childbirth

    Faith Morie, CPM
    Faith has been a midwife since 2007. She has a private practiced based out of Tulsa where she specializes in giving individualized care to her clients and being constantly available for questions or even just to talk during difficult moments of pregnancy or postpartum. Faith loves waterbirth and provides pools for her clients to use. She also enjoys and specializes in giving care to women desiring to VBAC. Faith believes in educating and supporting her clients in natural life style choices, herbs and natural supplements, as well as normal pregnancy and birth processes so that each client can make informed choices, feel prepared, and happily anticipate their birth experience. From 2004-2007 Faith trained academically with the Texas Midwives Training Program, and clinically with fourteen different midwives in both homebirth and birthcenter practices. After graduating and becoming a CPM (Certified Professional Midwife), she volunteered as a midwife in Israel, doing both homebirth and also assisting in a Jerusalem hospital. Faith is also a musician – she is a certified Suzuki instructor and has taught private piano, violin, guitar and cello for over 13 years and still maintains a small studio. She grew up in the country outside of Tulsa, the oldest of 10 children, with 7 of her siblings having been born at home.


    (918) 284-3609



    Serving a 2 1/2 hour radius from Tulsa

  • Gail Brown

    Gail Brown, CPM, ND

    (405) 447-9433

    Gail Brown, ND, CPM is a direct entry, non-allopathic healer who began her interest in midwifery in 1983. Her children were born in the hospital. Her experience was less than satisfying as she was very naïve and the managed births were complicated. Those unfortunate experiences, however sad for her, makes her more determined to prepare and provide good counsel for other mothers. In 1984 Gail completed a midwifery apprenticeship in Arkansas, and the Association of Texas Certification program. Gail was a co-founder of the Oklahoma Midwives Alliance in 1985 and served as President for 3 terms. She is a Senior Certified Midwife with the OMA. In 1996 she merited the National Certification of Certified Professional Midwife. In 1998 she completed the Naturopath Certificate with the Trinity School of Natural Health. Gail believes that Birth is a natural life occurrence and that women can birth their babies. She sees her role as a caregiver to the woman, to guard and educate, focusing on providing sound advice and good nutrition as the road to a safe birth and healthy baby. Birth is the first step in the journey to map the distance between ourselves and parenting. It is the act of creating and living that bring memories and impressions that last a life time. Each family deserves the right to choose their birthplace and care giver. Midwifery and a Home Birth is a safe choice for low risk women. Midwife means “With Woman” and Gail loves being with you. Gail has recently been trained in Cranial Sacral Treatments. She is currently providing midwifery and Cranial Sacral services at Community Midwifery Services.
  • Michelle Hernandez

    Michelle Hernandez, CPM

    (405) 447-9433

    Michelle Hernandez, CPM is a Certified Professional Midwife. CPM’s are trained to attend low to no risk mothers who are expected to have a normal pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum period. Michelle became interested in midwifery after the birth of her daughter in 1986. She served as labor support (what would now be called a Doula) for a few years before beginning her training as a midwife. Michelle received her training in Las Vegas, NV, apprenticing with several Senior Midwives in the Nevada Midwives Association. She has enjoyed an ever growing practice in the metro area since 1993. Michelle took the national exam in 1995 and became a Nationally Registered Midwife later expanding to CPM in 2006. Community Midwifery Service opened in 1996 to provide home birth services as well as provide a birthing center. She was the OMA president from 1998-2001 and again in 2006-2007, 2014-2015 and Educational Director until 2016, as well as representing midwifery as the Legislation Liaison for the OMA since 2005. Michelle holds the belief that birth is an instinctual gift that all women possess and hopes to help her clients find their untapped strength through the birth process. She strives to assist her clients in having the best birth possible by providing them with the midwifery model of care . Her special interests include VBAC, water birth, nutritional counsel, aromatherapy, homeopathy and herbal medicine. 
  • dsc_2408

    Rebecca Schulz, CPM

    Rebecca Schulz is a CPM located in Sand Springs, OK with an office in South Tulsa. She has had three homebirths herself and is still in the midst of raising her own young children, so she’s able to empathize well with her clients. She also stays up-to-date on topics like babywearing, cloth diapering, attachment parenting, tongue ties and other nursing issues.
    She enjoys getting to know her clients, and is always available to answer questions by phone, text,or email.
    Because Rebecca loved her own waterbirths so much, she provides a waterbirth pool free of charge for clients desiring to use it.
    Rebecca is committed to serving families of all backgrounds and of all incomes, and strives to make midwifery care more available to women. She offers various payment plans extending up to 6 months past the birth.
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    Ri Teref-Ta, CNM (RN/ADN, BA, MSN)

    Netri (Ri) Teref-Ta APRN-CNM, CNHP, Naturopath

    Ri is an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse/Certified Nurse Midwife (since 2003), Certified Natural Health Practitioner and a Naturopath with over 25 years in OB/GYN health care. She has worked in the hospital (L&D, postpartum, GYN surgery, Newborn ICU-12 yrs), birth center and home birth (8 yrs) and outpatient gynecological clinic setting (6 yrs). She is the owner of Ri-Imagine Holistic Women’s Health and Midwifery Care, PLLC. She had both of her children at home with midwifery care and supports women in their right to birth in the setting of their choice. Ri focuses on providing women holistic primary care and women’s health services. She provides the following services: well woman exam, pap smears, birth control (including prescriptions for hormonal birth control, IUDs, Nexplanon implants, diaphragm and cervical cap fitting), problem GYN visits(irregular periods, dysmenorrhea, vaginitis, UTIs, ovarian cysts, STI/STD testing, hormone imbalance, menopause, bio-identical hormones, hypothyroidism, complimentary care for chronic health conditions such as: diabetes, hypertension, depression etc.) as well as providing consulting for other home birth midwives. She is working on her dissertation to become nationally certified through the AANM as a Naturopathic Doctor.

    Her philosophy of care is to provide foundational health, to empower women through individualized care and education. The root of the word doctor is “docere- to instruct, teach, or point out”. She aims to provide highly personalized care with attention to self-reliance through nutrition and life style changes with assistance of supplements, herbs, homeopathy, muscle response testing, iridology and many other natural health modalities, including the Emotional Code and RBTI/pH balancing for optimal health, as well having prescriptive authority. With a Bachelor’s in Psychology and being an ordained minister in the State of Oklahoma- she truly believes health care should include mind and spirit as well as body.

    Ri is currently not attending births so she can concentrate on providing GYN services.

    In her limited free time she enjoys spending time with her family, reading, walking, camping/hiking and volunteering with rescue dogs.

    “You cannot buy your health; you must earn it through healthy living” Joel Fuhrman

    ri-imaginehealth.com     ri-imagine@hotmail.com  405-343-6793

    Insurance and self pay accepted

  • RuthPicture1

    Ruth Cobb, CNM, CPM

    P.O. Box 9833
    Tulsa, OK 74157
    (918) 224-1605

    Special Delivery Midwifery

    Ruth Cobb, CNM, CPM

    Ruth Cobb, Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM), Certified Professional Midwife (CPM), is Oklahoma’s longest-practicing midwife. She has been serving women as a homebirth midwife in the Tulsa area since 1977. Her midwifery journey began in an apprenticeship with a traditional midwife at age 19. Already having her certification through the North American Registry of Midwives and the Oklahoma Midwives Alliance, she began her formal education towards a degree in nurse-midwifery in 1997. She is now licensed by the State of Oklahoma as a Certified Nurse Midwife and the only midwife in Oklahoma to hold dual midwifery credentials.

    Ruth believes and supports the philosophy that pregnancy and childbirth are normal, natural events in a woman’s life. She provides physical and emotional help through services of well-woman care, prenatal care, labor and delivery, and postpartum care.

    Ruth believes that pregnancy and childbirth are normal, natural events in a woman’s life. She provides a holistic model of care, with careful attention both to both the physical and the emotional aspects of pregnancy. Her reputation for safety and commitment to each woman’s birth wishes are hallmarks of her own exceptional brand of midwifery.

    In 2012, Ruth opened Special Delivery Birth Center in Tulsa. It is only the birth center in Oklahoma to offer collaborative care from both CNM’s and CPM’s. Her love of homebirth still remains strong however, as she continues to catch babies in both home and birth center.



    4926 E 73rd Street
    Tulsa, OK 74136

    (918) 477-9343

    Serving the Tulsa area

  • unnamed-1

    Sarah Tilford, CPM

    I am a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM), providing homebirth services to Eastern and Central Oklahoma. I seek to serve women and families with compassion and respect, honoring the beautiful process of pregnancy, labor, birth, postpartum and breastfeeding. I believe that pregnancy and birth are natural, physiological processes, and that the female body is perfectly designed and capable to give birth safely, and naturally. I strive to be a guide and resource to empower women and families to achieve the pregnancy and birth experience that is best for them.

    I have been involved in birth work since 2011, and have served women and families across numerous states, countries and continents. My journey into midwifery began in China while working with women in crisis pregnancy situations. In my search for practical skills to serve the families I worked with, I felt strongly that God was leading me to pursue midwifery. I began midwifery training through apprenticeship in Southern California with Birth Matters, Inc. I was surprised how quickly I fell in love with caring for women and babies, and the beauty and power of birth, and how deeply I felt called to this work. After 8 months, I returned to China, and was able to serve as a doula and reproductive health educator. I continued studying midwifery through correspondence, and participated in an internship at a birth center in the Philippines. I completed my clinical training in February, 2015, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, under the supervision of Faith Morie, CPM, LM and graduated from the National Midwifery Institute in October, 2015, earning the credential of NARM CPM in November, 2015.

    I am an Oklahoma native, born and raised in Guthrie, graduated from OU in Norman, and now after traveling and living abroad for several years, I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma with my husband Micah and our beautiful son, Jonah.

  • SusanPicture1

    Susan Smartt Cook, CPM

    (405) 225-6277

    Susan Smartt Cook, CPM
    Susan has been involved in birth work for over 10 years, first as a doula, and then a midwifery student, and now a midwife in a small solo practice based Edmond, OK. Susan received her academic midwifery education through the National College of Midwifery (NCM) distance learning program along with the Midwest Maternal Child Institute, based in Chicago, IL. Over the course of her training, she was fortunate enough to apprentice with multiple preceptors in the Chicago area including a nurse midwife and a group of family practice physicians as well as a family practice physician based in Embangweni, Malawi where she volunteered for a month in a birth and mobile prenatal clinic. She received her Associates in Midwifery from NCM in 2009 and her Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) national credential from the North American Registry of Midwives (NARM) in February of 2010. Immediately after completing her training in Chicago, She moved to rural Wisconsin for a 10 month internship with a PA/CPM and family practice physician who provide midwifery care to a predominantly Amish population in a small primary care clinic. She then returned home to Tennessee to marry her life-long friend, Josh, and they have now settled for the time being in Edmond, Oklahoma.
    Susan’s passion is for individualized care and personal relationships with her clients. She is deeply committed to safeguarding the normal processes of labor and birth by empowering her clients to care for themselves and their babies throughout pregnancy, labor, and the postpartum period.


    (423) 802-2177

    Serving a one hour radius from Edmond

  • YvonnePicture1

    Yvonne Silbernagel, OMA Senior Midwife

    A Mother’s Love Midwifery

    Yvonne Silbernagel, CPM

    Yvonne Silbernagel is a Homebirth Midwife currently working in a small practice in order to give individualized care to her clients.  She has been working as a midwife for 7 years. She is an active member of the Oklahoma Midwives Alliance. Her devotion to natural childbirth began 19 years ago when she educated herself and became aware of the many advantages of natural childbirth and fought for her own intervention free birth. She then trained as a Doula (labor support person) when she saw that many of her friends were unable to attain their goal of natural childbirth. She then continued her journey and became a Monitrice (midwive’s assistant), then a Midwife through the OMA Midwifery Program and then a Certified Professional Midwife. She is extremely passionate about informed consent and feels that moms should be in charge of their care. She is there to protect the mother’s birthing space not control it. She has also explored new ways to help mothers in pregnancy, labor and delivery by educating herself in herbs, homeopathy, Bach flowers and cells salts. She feels that every mom should have the opportunity for the best birth possible in an environment where she feels secure and empowered. She has a special passion to help VBAC clients and those that have experienced birth trauma achieve an empowering birth.


    3701 NW 62nd St
    Oklahoma City, OK 73112

    clinic open Fridays

    (405) 317-3704

    Serving a 60 mile radius from OKC